Can You Substitute Yogurt for Sour Cream? - How Much Yogurt Should Be Used To Swap Sour Cream?

Can You Substitute Yogurt for Sour Cream?: There are so many sour cream alternatives to replace in baking and cooking recipes but choosing the best substitute is very tricky.

If you are okay with dairy products similar to sour cream then checking our guide "what can you substitute for sour cream" help you to some extent. Yogurt, Buttermilk, Kefir, and many more are treated as the best substitutes for sour cream.

But here in this article, we are going to explain and clear all your queries on whether can you use plain yogurt instead of sour cream in cooking and baking recipes.

So, grab the opportunity to learn more about regular yogurt as a substitute for sour cream and enjoy the food with low fat and calories.

Can You Substitute Yogurt for Sour Cream

Basic Rule For Substituting Yogurt & Sour Cream

In case you're planning to substitute yogurt for sour cream then it's pretty obvious to follow the basic rule of thumb to substitute yogurt & sour cream ie., using an equal amount of yogurt as noted in the recipe for sour cream.

Here replacing sour cream with yogurt needs some other ingredient to blend with for getting the same tangier and creamy in the recipe.

So, the basic rule of substituting yogurt and sour cream will be applicable only to a few uncooked dishes such as baked potatoes, salad dressings, dips, etc.

How to Substitute Yogurt for Sour Cream In Baking & Cooking Recipes?

To substitute yogurt for sour cream in recipes, you need to follow and take care of some steps while doing so. Assess the recipe and note down how much amount of sour cream is required along with the stage of the recipe.

This means whether it is cooked or cooked earlier and served cold. If you have knowledge of these two points then replacing them with yogurt is so easy.

For heated applications, use the same amounts of yogurt as the recipe required in place of sour cream and add a tablespoon of a thickening agent like cornstarch to the yogurt. Mix it well and add it to the recipe.

For cold dishes or dips, you have to take equal parts of yogurt and sour cream and swap the total amount with this substitute for perfect tanginess and consistency like the original recipe.

If you need to replace sour cream in baked goods, then go with the cup-for-cup replacement for better results. Related Posts: 

Tips & Tricks To Substitute Yogurt For Sour Cream

There are so many things to remember while substituting yogurt in place of sour cream not just about the substitution ratio.

So, we have curated some important & crucial points to be noted while cooking or baking with yogurt rather than sour cream. Let's jump into it:

  • Differences In Flavor & Texture: After substituting yogurt for cour cream in baking, the baked goods will be less tender and high in tangy flavor.
  • Stay Back From Nonfat: If you use nonfat yogurt in place of sour cream then the final dish can taste different as nonfat yogurts include stabilizers and thickeners also it has a chalky flavor. In case, you are thinking of using a low-fat yogurt then add more fat into it for perfect consistency and taste like sour cream.
  • Be Cautions While Simmering Yogurt: In case, you're replacing sour cream with yogurt in sauces or soups then taking care of the heat you're giving while cooking is very important. Yogurt contains low fat so it can curdle so easily when cooking at high temperatures. Hence, be careful while using it.
  • Use Whole-milk Greek Yogurt: A great substitute for sour cream is whole-milk greek yogurt as it is close to sour cream in terms of flavor and texture.

Can I Turn Plain Yogurt Into Sour Cream? | How Do I Turn Plain Yogurt Into Sour Cream?

Yes, you can easily turn plain yogurt into sour cream. Are you wondering how it's gonna be turned? Read the following points carefully:

  • Sour cream can be made with plain yogurt simply by adding live and active cultures along with some heavy whipping cream.
  • Homemade yogurt sour cream is quite healthier and cheaper than store-bought one.
  • If you want to use commercial yogurt for preparing the sour cream then pick the Live & Active Cultures sealed yogurt so that you can easily culture it on your own.
  • To make sour cream from yogurt on your own, firstly add 1-2 tbsp of yogurt to one cup of heavy cream and whisk thoroughly until it gets smooth.
  • Now, keep that smoothly mixed yogurt sour cream in a warm place overnight. Finally, the sour cream from plain yogurt is ready to use in all your favorite recipes.

Also, there is one more approach for making yogurt as sour cream. Just take some amount of yogurt and add a few tbsp of lemon juice or vinegar and whisk it till it thickens.

The ingredients like vinegar and lemon juice are strong in producing acid properties so it thickens and separates the yogurt-like sour cream. Hence, you get the greek yogurt sour cream.

FAQs on Can You Substitute Yogurt for Sour Cream In Recipes?

Final Thoughts

We think the furnished details on whether can you substitute yogurt for sour cream in a recipe clarified your small doubts before replacing it.

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