Galliano Substitutes That Should Not Miss - List Of Best & Simple Substitutes for Galliano

Galliano Substitutes: Galliano is an Italian war hero that was made at home and carried into battle. This hero drink is sweet vanilla with an herbaceous taste and is commonly as a digestif.

There are a lot of ingredients hidden in this Galliano liqueur such as herbs and spices. For more taste and to solve any emergency regarding Galliano, you can try out the best and most suited Galliano substitute that are mentioned here in this guide.

What is Galliano?

Galliano is a sweet alcoholic and non-alcoholic liqueur originated by Italian Distiller Arturo Vacarri in 1896. It is also known as Liquore Galliano L'Autentico. The name of the herbal liqueur was changed to Giuseppe Galliano.

This herbal drink has different flavors like vanilla-anise, woodsy, and citrus. Mostly, Galliano is used to highlighting the taste of the cocktails such as Golden Cadillac, yellow bird, Harvey wall banger, and many others. 

What are the ingredients used in making a Galliano?

A sweet and fruity flavored Galliano liqueur is made up of 30 ingredients which are listed below. 

  • Lavender, 
  • Cinnamon,
  • Peppermint,
  • Sugar,
  • Glucose syrup,
  • Caramel, 
  • Tartrazine, etc. 

List Of All Possible & Best Galliano Substitutes To Try In Your Next Parties

The following list of substitutes is the best one to replace the Galliano in cocktails and other recipes in various cuisines. So, check out the list and pick the easiest and most suited Galliano Substitute:

  1. Pernod
  2. Yellow Chartreuse
  3. Anisette
  4. Licor 43
  5. Sambuca
  6. Roiano
  7. Strega
  8. Ouzo
  9. Herbsaint 
  10. Raki
  11. Pastis
  12. White Wine
  13. Licorice Extract


One more name for Anisette is Anis which is famous in various Mediterranean countries. This can be a great substitute for Galliano as it has a strong flavor of anise and a sweet syrup texture. It is best to replace the Galliano in desserts and cake recipes.

The ABV percentage is less than Galliano which is 25% means not having a strong alcohol content. The ingredient used to prepare this substitute is distilling aniseed.

Also, you can make different flavored cocktails with this alternative such as Russian Roulette, and Dubonnet Royal. 

Yellow Chartreuse

Looking for the same colored replacement for Galliano? Yellow chartreuse is the best one to substitute. It also matches the sweetness and earthiness too because of the included licorice, anise, and saffron.

The herbs used in this liquor drink are 130 herbs and benefit many health issues. You can also find hints of honey, citrus, violet, and cinnamon. You can replace the Galliano with the yellow chartreuse in the same ratio. 

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Herbsaint is a great substitute for both Galliano and Absinthe. It has the flavor of anise and comes from New Orleans, Louisiana in 1934. The new variant of Herbsaint has a sharp and crisp taste with strong hints of star anise same as black licorice.

It can be a great replacement for Galliano in making cocktails, simply add liquor with ice and mix well before serving. We recommend not to substitute the herbsaint for Galliano in the desserts due to the ABV percentage. It has a 50% ABV.  


One of the best and most similar drinks to Galliano is Sambuca, which comes from Italy. Sambuca has a flavor of anise with some herbs and berries. You will find sambuca in three different varities such as black, red, and clear.

With its strong flavor and high alcohol content, sambuca can be a great substitute for Galliano. In some of the dishes, this substitute may not work well because of its delicate flavors.

For matching the same taste of Galliano in desserts, adding some vanilla to sambuca is the best solution. 


Pastis has a 40-50% ABV which can be served in desserts or drinks. Some of the boozy type desserts you can try with pastis substitutes are chocolate fennel cake, macarons, or panna cotta. You will get the strong flavor of black licorice. 

Pastis is an anise-flavored apéritif and spirit that originated in France. It appeared as a star in France throughout the Absinthe debacle. You can consume this drink in pure or diluted form. 

Brief Table Regarding The Best Alternatives Of Galliano

Here is the table that displays the information related to those 9 amazing Galliano alternatives. You can find each substitute flavor and best for:

Galliano Substitute Name Flavor/Description Best For
1. Pernod Strong, anise, dry Sauces, casseroles
2. Ouzo Strong, anise, dry Sauces, casseroles
3. Raki Strong, anise, dry Sauces, casseroles
4. Fresh orange juice Citrus, sweet Cakes, desserts
5. Anisette (anis) Sweet, anise Cakes, desserts
6. Sambuca Strong, anise, sweet Desserts
7. White wine Floral, citrus Sauces, casseroles
8. Star anise, fennel, or anise seed Anise Sauces, casseroles
9. Licorice & vanilla extracts Anise, vanilla Desserts, cakes, marinades

Is It Necessary To Go With Galliano Substitutes?

Yes, Galliano substitute helps and saves you from sudden tensions like running out of Galliano at the last minute, or any spoilage signs watched in the stored Galliano bottle.

People who suffer from diabetic issues should avoid taking this Galliano. Moreover, it is best to allow any of the substitutes for Galliano in recipes and beverages.

FAQs On Substitutes For Galliano 

Key Takeaways

We have come to the end of this guide, believing that the information on Galliano Substitutes helped you to some extent. If you need to know more new guides like this, you should visit our website, and find other ingredients substitutes like Substitutes for Orange Extract, Clam Juice Substitutes, or Apple Juice Substitute.

Homemade Galliano Recipe

By Dr. Steven Smith MS, RDN, CNSC

People who show love for Galliano liqueur every time and end up with shortage of the drink can try this homemade Galliano Substitute or other mentioned alternatives.

Homemade Galliano Recipe
Prep Time
15 minutes
Cook Time
13 days, 18 hours, 00 minutes
Total Time
13 days, 18 hours, 15 minutes


  • 2 cups of sugar
  • 1 tbsps of lime juice
  • 2/3 cups of water
  • 1/2 tsp of anise extract
  • 3 tsps of vanilla extract
  • 4 drops of yellow food coloring
  • 2 1/2 cups of vodka


  • 1 Steps For Making Galliano At Home
    • 1 Firstly, gather all the above ingredients as a prep step.
    • 2 Later, make a sugar syrup by adding and boiling the water and sugar.
    • 3 Now, add the rest of the items into the syrup and mix well.
    • 4 Finally, the homemade galliano substitute is ready with the same alcohol, sweetness, vanilla, and anise flavor you like.
    • 5 Keep it for 2 weeks and then start enjoying the homemade substitute of Galliano.


Do try this naturally prepared Galliano at home by following the above steps on making the homemade Galliano recipe.

Nutrition Facts Of Galliano Liqueur 

The following information on Galliano liqueur nutrition will help you know how much you can consume the Galliano to maintain your heart healthy. The nutritional facts provided here depend on the serving size like 1 Oz of Galliano. 

  • Calories: 100 Cal
  • Carbs: 8g