10 Clam Juice Substitutes For Recipes That are Tried and Tested

Clam Juice Substitutes: We all know that clam juice is not always easy to find as it is expensive and it also depends on the place you live, so knowing clam juice substitute will always be the best option.

And even if you are not interested to eat clam juice or if you recently changed to vegetarian, or if you are allergic to seafood, these substitutes will be very useful. These substitutes may not give the exact taste but they can match it. 

Look into the below blog post to know all the best clam juice substitutes along with some other important information. All these substitutes that we are providing are the best as they are tried and tested.

You can happily use them and enjoy the similar taste in your recipes without missing it. Scroll down and read!!

What is Clam Juice And How It is Used?

Clam Juice is a broth that is made by steaming clams with salt and water. Clam is nothing but an edible shellfish. It can be used in many food recipes like cocktails, sauces, stirred in clam chowder, for various purposes. Normally, you can find this clam juice in the bottles at local stores.

This juice is vibrant and flavorful in taste taht is most commonly found in clam chowder. This clam juice can be used not only in recipes, you can just have it as a normal drink only if you like the smell and taste of clam juice. 

What Can We Use Instead of Clam Juice - Clam Juice Substitute

  • Chicken Stock 
  • Fish Sauce
  • Dashi 
  • Vegetable Stock 
  • Oyster Sauce 
  • White Wine
  • Fish Stock 
  • Oyster Liquor
  • Shrimp Shell Stock

As we already mentioned above, clam juice has a very specific flavor and it is very hard to find in stores. But if you find clams in stores you can buy them and can make your own clam juice.

If you dont have any chance like that, just check out the below list of clam juice substitutes that can work best for you.

Even though these substitutes mimic to clam juice, they will not be out of place in your recipes. Just check out and use the one you like according to your preferences.

Chicken Stock - Clam Juice Alternative

If you are a seafood allergic then this chicken stock will be the best substitute to the clam juice. It may be in the same taste as the clam juice but still, it will work best to add in foods like chowder, bisques, and sauces.

And also chicken stock will enhance the flavor for many of the recipes. If the recipe calls for one cup of clam juice then substitute only a half cup of chicken stock or chicken broth by combining half a cup of water. 

Fish Sauce - Seafood Based Substitute

If you are a seafood lover but are not able to find clam juice, then the best substitute that can be used is fish sauce. Using this in recipes will enhance the great flavor of the dish. Mostly fish sauce is used in Asian cuisines.

Fish sauce will be easily available in stores. It can be used mainly for roasting vegetables and marinating meat. To use this in a recipe, you just need only a few tablespoons of fish sauce for the cup of clam juice.

Dashi - Seafood Substitute

Dashi is a Japanese fish stock with an umami flavor to the food it combines with. Dashi is the name that means the group of broths made from various ingredients like kombu (dried kelp) and dried tuna flakes.

Dashi is mostly used in many recipes like noodles, Japanese soups, and stews. It is probably similar to fish stock, so it will also be the best substitute for clam juice.

Using this dashi as a substitute you can use 1 cup of dashi for 1 cup of clam juice. 

Vegetable Stock - Meat-Free Substitute

The best substitute for clam juice who are under dietary restrictions is vegetable stock. It is mainly useful for people allergic to seafood and who do not consume meat.

Like other stocks, this can also be purchased in the grocery or you can easily make your own vegetable broth which is healthy at home by adding all the vegetables that you like along with water.

It will give the best taste to the soups as it has a mild flavor. To use as a substitute, for 1 cup of clam juice, use half of the vegetable broth and half a cup of water. 

Oyster Sauce - Seafood Substitute

If you would like to have the same fishy flavors, then oyster sauce is the other best alternative to clam juice. As it gives a salty, sweet, and earthy taste it resembles the clam juice.

You can pair this oyster sauce best with soups, stews, chowders, and drinks. Using oyster sauce instead clam juice will be almost identical.

If your recipe calls for clam juice, and you are using oyster sauce as a substitute, you need to add oyster sauce according to your taste.

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White Wine - Alcoholic Substitute

If you are running out of clam juice especially while you are preparing any soup, chowder, cocktail, or pasta then this white wine can be used as the best substitute. But you should always keep in mind that it has alcohol content and it is always available in the stores.

Even if you think to use less sodium this will be the best option if you are open to alcohol. We cannot say the exact amount that you can use as a substitute but use it according to your preference for clam juice. 

Fish Stock - Seafood Alternative

Another best seafood alternative for clam juice is fish stock. And also it gives a very similar taste to the recipe without overpowering the fishy flavor. Mostly fish stock will be useful for marinating the recipes and for soups.

But if you do not like the fish then this will not be the best option. To use this as a substitute when the recipe calls for 1 cup of clam juice you can use one cup of fish stock.

Oyster Liquor - Clam Juice Alternative

Oyster liquor is nothing but the natural juice found in raw oysters. When you look at the name may be most of you think it is an alcoholic drink but it is not. The taste of this oyster juice will be the same as the clam juice.

So, it can also be one of the best substitutes for clam juice. Use this as a substitute, for the recipe calls for 1 cup of clam juice, you can use half a cup of oyster juice or liquor along with half a cup of water as the liquid is thicker. 

Shrimp Shell Stock

One more substitute that gives you the seafood flavor to the recipes is the shrimp shell stock. You can buy it from the stores or you can easily make it at home if the shrimp shells are having them in ready with you.

Just add some shrimp shells to the shell and add some water then start boiling it. Usually, this shrimp shell stock is used in the dishes like gumbo, pasta, sauces, paella, bisque, and risotto.

Use the amount of stock in place of clam juice according to your preference and taste.

How To Choose the Best Clam Juice Substitute For Different Types of Recipes

When we think of using different clam juice substitutes in recipes, not all recipes call for the same substitute. If you see, for soups one substitute will give a similar taste and for some other dishes, some other substitute will be best.

So look into the below point to know which substitute is best for which recipes.

  • If you are making seafood recipes, you can rely on fish stock, dashi, shrimp shell stock, oyster sauce, fish sauce, and other seafood stock.
  • For the meat recipes, using chicken stock will be the best option. 
  • For vegetarian recipes, using vegetable stock is the best. 
  • If you are making recipes that don't rely on clam juice mostly, you can use any type of stock that you like. 
  • If you dont have any allergies, or taste issues, you can just make your own clam juice to use in the recipes if you have the clams on hand or if you find them in the store.

Some Important Facts To Know About Clam Juice

Here we are going to provide you with some of the interesting facts that you can know about the clam juice. 

  • Clam juice can be used in a range of cocktails like Vampira, blood mary, Ceasar, and many others. 
  • When you add clam juice to the recipes, it removes acidity from the dish. 
  • We have clamato juice in the market that comes with a mix of tomatoes, spices, and clam juice. 
  • William Fraizer is the one who invented an innovative clam opener to open the clams.

FAQs on Clam Juice Substitute

Key Outcomes

Hope you have got some idea on the clam juice substitutes with the above information that we have given. All the substitutes will give you a similar flavor to the clam juice and we have even provided you with which substitute will work best for which recipe.

So, choose the substitute carefully and cook the dish. Still, for any type of doubt, you can comment to us in the comment section, and we will answer you ASAP.

For more other substitution articles, just check out our website and bookmark it for the latest updates.

Clam Juice Substitutes

By Dr. Steven Smith MS, RDN, CNSC

10 Clam Juice Substitutes For Recipes That are Tried and Tested

Clam Juice Substitutes
Prep Time
10 minutes
Cook Time
10 minutes
Total Time
20 minutes


  • Clams
  • Water


  • 1 Clam Juice Preparation Process
    • 1 Firstly, take the clams and wash them thoroughly with water and remove the dirt on the clams by using a simple brush. 
    • 2 Once they are washed, then take the pot and keep ironing the stove by adding 2 cups of water to it.
    • 3 Now, once the water gets into the boiling stage, add these clams to the water. 
    • 4 Cover the pot with a lid and leave them to boil for 5 more minutes. 
    • 5 After 5 minutes just stir them and once the clams are opened in full then you can take the from the pot. 
    • 6 Squeeze the meat to get all the juice from the meat as it increases the taste of clam stock.
    • 7 Once everything is completed, just strain the juice with the strainer and store it.
    • 8 Use the stock whenever it is needed.


If you do not find the clam juice in the store, but you do not want to use any of the above substitutes and if you have clams on hand. Then you can easily make the clam juice at home with some simple steps that were shown above.