Can You Substitute Flour For Cornstarch in Recipe? – How To Substitute Flour For Cornstarch in Cooking?

Can You Substitute Flour For Cornstarch in a Recipe?: Basically, cornstarch is used as a thickener ingredient. People who are planning to cook a recipe like savory or sauces require cornstarch to thicken the texture. If you run out of cornstarch in your pantry, then there are various thickeners that can do your job effortlessly and they can also be dietary preferences.

If you want to add such alternatives for cornstarch then flour is the best option. So, here we are going to discuss whether can you substitute flour for cornstarch in baking, gravy, custard, pie filling, pudding & other recipes along with how much quantity you should replace cornstarch with flour.

Can You Substitute Flour For Cornstarch

All About Flour As A Substitute For Cornstarch

Here flour substitution means any kind of flour you can take that the recipe calls in place of cornstarch. Flour is a fine powder made from wheat, seeds, nuts, and grains whereas cornstarch is also a fine powder that comes in white color and is made from corn kernels.

Mainly, you use flour for baking but cornstarch is not that type of powder where you can bake any kind of cake or cookies in most of the recipes, but it can be used in shortbread recipes. So, you can easily use flour as a substitute for cornstarch for cooking and baking any type of recipe that calls for cornstarch. Have a glance at the following modules to gain complete knowledge on the same.

How To Substitute Flour for Cornstarch? | How To Replace Cornstarch with Flour?

The process to substitute flour for cornstarch is discussed clearly in this module. Refer to the substitution ratio and enjoy the recipe with the help of flour too:

  • In the liquid recipes, we use the cornstarch of 1 tablespoon to get thicker.
  • So to substitute flour in place of cornstarch, you should add 3 tablespoons of flour for 1 tablespoon of cornstarch and cook it for more time to eliminate the raw flavor of the flour.
  • After replacing flour in the recipe, you may desire that it will remain with same shiny and glossy as the original one but you’re wrong flour doesn’t make it possible as cornstarch does.

Can Flour and Cornstarch be used interchangeably?

Yes, both flour and cornstarch can be used interchangeably as they act as a thickening agent. Hence, it becomes too easy to substitute flour for cornstarch and cornstarch for flour. Basically, they can be interchangeable when cooking and frying but do not result in the same for baked goods. So the flour types you can use for cornstarch for swapping are arrowroot flour, wheat flour, rice flour, all-purpose flour, etc.

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FAQs on How Can I Use Flour Instead of Cornstarch for Frying & Cooking?

1. What can I use instead of cornstarch for thickening?

The best cornstarch substitutes are flour and arrowroot powder. Both thicken your recipes as cornstarch produces but the only drawback with flour is it can’t give a glossy effect after thickening. Here, arrowroot wins clearly as it delivers a thickening result with a shiny texture at the end. It can be substituted in equal amounts or more than cornstarch in some recipes.

2. How much flour do I use instead of cornstarch?

Compared to cornstarch, all-purpose flour includes half of the thickening power hence for replacing 1 tablespoon of cornstarch with flour, especially all-purpose or regular flour, you need to add two tablespoons of flour to the recipe.

3. Can you substitute flour for cornstarch in baking?

As we can say that both ingredients are common in baking but they can be used only for adjusting the final texture of the baked good. Also, you should know that flour acts as a dry ingredient in baking, and cornstarch is substituted as a gluten-free ingredient while baking.

4. What is the flour-to-cornstarch ratio?

The flour-to-cornstarch ratio is 2:1 because, for one tablespoon of cornstarch, you need to use 2 tablespoons of flour and vice versa. So check out the recipe for perfect quantity and replace it with another ingredient in a perfect substitution ratio.

5. Can I use Flour in place of Cornstarch for Thickening Gravy, Sauces, or Pie Fillings?

Yes, you can definitely use Flour in place of Cornstarch for Thickening Gravy, Sauces, or Pie Fillings as it plays a major role in thickening your recipe in the required consistency by adding a needed amount of flour instead of cornstarch.

Final Thoughts

Finally, cornstarch can be replaceable with flour in cooking, frying, and baking although baked goods differ. You can use any type of flour as a substitute and make your recipe without cornstarch. For more tips and substitution ratios about flour and cornstarch, comment us via the below comment box.

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