Can You Substitute Vegetable Oil for Olive Oil? - How Can You Replace Olive Oil with Vegetable Oil?

Can You Substitute Vegetable Oil for Olive Oil?: Are you on a diet and thinking about whether can I substitute vegetable oil in place of olive oil in salad dressings or chicken or baked goods?

Things that work for diet people are oils that are high in antioxidants, high protein & fiber food, etc. If you don't have olive oil handy for your recipe then vegetable oil can be played as a great substitute.

So, clear all your doubts on How can you Substitute Vegetable Oil for Olive Oil in baking, cooking & frying recipes? from this informative guide.

Can You Substitute Vegetable Oil for Olive Oil

What is Vegetable Oil?

Basically, Vegetable oil is an umbrella term for any plant-based oil. All types of vegetable oils are neutral cooking oils so it has a mild flavor that doesn't outshine other flavors in the recipe.

Vegetable oils are derived as refined and unrefined. The color of vegetable oils is light. Oils like canola, corn, cottonseed, soybean oil, grapeseed, sunflower, peanut, etc. fall under the vegetable oil category.

Vegetable oil's smoke point is 400-450° F and the boiling point is 400° F (205° C).

What is Olive Oil?

Olive oil is a healthy oil, extracted from processed olives. There are various types of olive oils, they are refined olive oil and extra virgin olive oil.

The boiling point of olive oil is 390° F (200° C). Olive oil comes with high antioxidants and you can even find vitamins K and E in extra virgin olive oil type. Refined olive oil has a smoke point of 468° F whereas extra virgin olive oil's smoke point ranges from 350 – 410° F due to various reasons.

Can You Substitute Vegetable Oil for Olive Oil?

Yes, most of the recipes accept substituting vegetable oil for olive oil. You can also use the mix of vegetable oil and olive oil in some gravy or savory recipes to balance out their good and bad.

When they blend together then they have the same smoke point of nearly 400°F (205°C). When you use vegetable oil instead of olive oil, the major difference will be the flavor.

The color and texture will be similar after using vegetable oil as it is a neutral cooking oil. Are you looking for the substitution ratio to replace olive oil with vegetable oil? Make sure to check out the below modules without fail. Related Posts: 

How Much You Can Replace Olive Oil With Vegetable Oil?

The substitution conversion ratio is one-to-one. No matter what the recipe calls, use vegetable oil instead of olive oil in equal parts. This means if the recipe instructs to add one cup of olive oil then take a cup of vegetable oil and swap them easily.

If you are not okay with the flavor difference then replacing olive oil with vegetable oil is a great option to proceed. So, think twice and be aware of all the changes before you switch to vegetable oil.

Is Vegetable Oil Good Substitute For Olive Oil?

Yes, vegetable oil is a good substitution for olive oil but you need to use it when your recipes call for medium to high heat temperature.

When you want to try any deep-frying recipes then replacing olive oil with vegetable oil is the best option. As it has a high smoke point compared to olive oil smoke point.

If you want to cut down the fat content while using vegetable oil then use canola oil in place of olive oil for frying, baking, or cooking. Similar Food Substitution Articles

FAQs on Can I Substitute Vegetable Oil for Olive Oil?

Final Results

Yes, vegetable oil can be used as a substitute for olive oil and vice versa for most of recipes. But vegetable oil can not be swapped with extra virgin olive oil because it is inadequate.

When frying and baking, the replacement of olive oil with vegetable oil is a great option. In case, your olive oil is about to expire soon and want to substitute it in place of vegetable oil in recipes then you can refer to this guide called can you substitute olive oil for vegetable oil?

You can even go with other vegetable oil substitutes by directing to our main article ie., what can you substitute for vegetable oil?

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