What Are The Best Kale Substitutes To Try? - Simple & Tasty Substitutes for Kale

Kale Substitutes: Are you on the diet plan and wanted to explore all types of diet salads, healthy toppings on pizza, sandwiches, toast, casseroles, etc? That one perfectly suited ingredient to try is Kale. It has a strong nutritional profile, and ample nutrients, and is one of the best greeny veggies from the cabbage family. 

This vegetable is a seasonal one that you can find in the monsoon months at organic firms or grocery shops, and vegetable markets. So, we are suggested to use of this vegetable in cooler months and for the summer season, you can try some of the best alternatives of kale which give the same nutritional value and yummy taste.

Wondering what are the best substitutes for kale? Don't be! As we have curated the list of best kale substitutes with a substitution ratio after ample research. So, you can trust us and choose the best-suited green vegetable to replace the kale in your recipe.

Before getting knowledge about kale alternatives, it is very important to know what it is exactly, its characteristics, and how to store it. Hence, jump into the below modules and don't miss reading them all. 

What Is Kale?

Kale is a green leafy vegetable that falls under the cabbage family or brassica family. Like broccoli, cauliflower, collards, and Brussels, it also comes with a lot of fiber and vitamins. In kale, there are so many variants but the two most commonly edible variants of kale are Curly Kale and Black Kale.

You can directly eat raw leaves or cook them in any recipe to grab all the nutritious content. Kale is the best vegetable for dietary people as it can go pretty well with all healthy diet meals.  One variant of kale is Tuscan Kale which has different names like Cavolo Nero, Lacitano Kale, or Dinosaur Kale. 

How To Store Kale?

Freshly bought Kale should be wrapped in a plastic bag and stored in the refrigerator. It can last for a week when it is bought from the supermarket and depends on how fresh it is while purchasing. 

When you bought them from a fresh and organic farm or directly from the farmer's market, they can last for at least two weeks (approx). If the color of the leaves changes to yellow then toss them immediately and consume the green leaves in salads, curries, and other dishes. 

7 Best & Simple Kale Substitutes List That Helps You

  1. Collard Green Substitute
  2. Savoy Cabbage Alternative
  3. Brussel Sprouts Substitute
  4. Green Chard Substitute
  5. Iceberg lettuce Alternative
  6. Mustard Greens Substitute
  7. Spinach Substitute

You may be excited to learn what are the best alternatives for kale, Am I Right? If yes, then check out the above list of kale alternatives followed by its explanation with substitution ratio. These kale substitutes definitely help when you run out of kale all of sudden or in non-season.

Collard Green Substitute

Collard greens vegetable is the perfect match for kale in terms of texture and flavor. You can easily replace kale with collard greens because of the green leaves and nutrients like Vitamins A, C, and K, folate, iron, and calcium. Also, these collard green leaves protect you from eye-related issues because of carotenoids like zeaxanthin and lutein.

You can replace 1 pound of kale with 1 lb of collard greens. These leaves can be eaten raw or cooked but mostly cooked or steamed or sauteed collard greens provide the best taste and are more palatable. 

Savoy Cabbage Alternative

Savoy cabbage and kale fall under the brassica botanical family which are identical to each other in some characteristics. That's why they both can be perfect substitutes for each other. Hence, you can make all recipes with savoy cabbage with the same taste. Moreover, it is an excellent substitute for kale because of its nutritional benefits, texture, and taste.

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Brussel Sprouts Substitute

When you are running out of kale at the last moment and looking out for the other alternative then Brussels sprouts can be the best substitute for kale as it provides a unique and yummy taste. Mostly its flavor is like cabbage flavor and includes numerous nutritional content like kale.

If you like to be okay with different tastes in the recipe then replacing the kale with Brussels sprouts is the best solution. In almost all countries, you may find Brussels sprouts as a kale substitute so make sure to consider this alternative in any situation. 

Green Chard Substitute

Chard is also a kale substitute and can be found in different colors at the bottom of the leaves right from pink to green. Every variant of chard is yummy and tasty but the choice of chard in place of kale should be decided as per your recipe.

In the Initial stage, Green Chard was grown in the Mediterranean region and it seems to be identical to beet greens.

One of the important points to be noted is the root of chard is inedible. In the chard greens, you will find full nutrients like kale, and has a subtle taste that can be paired with many recipes. You can substitute 1 lb of green chard instead of 1 pound of kale. 

Iceberg lettuce Alternative

One more alternative for kale is Iceberg Lettuce. It has a crisp and crunchy texture which enhances the taste of the salad and other dishes too. You can give it a try while replacing kale in any recipe.

The flavor of this lettuce is mild so you can add up extra seasonings and increase its flavor. If you are okay with the texture of lettuce in any of the recipes then substitute it for kale and enjoy the food. 

Mustard Greens Substitute

Need the substitute for kale which has similar things in both? Then Mustard Green vegetable is the one you should try in all recipes. But the only difference between kale and mustard green is the spice factor. Yes, mustard green is a little spicy compared to kale but it can be the best alternative to kale and other green leafy veggies. 

Mustard green's spicy flavor enhances the flavor of the recipe that is made with kale originally. So, choosing this substitute instead of kale helps you provide delicious food too. So, choosing this substitute instead of kale helps you provide delicious food too.

These green leaves come from the mustard plant and are famous in Japan, China, and Indian cuisine. You can add 1 lb of mustard greens instead of 1 pound of kale.

Spinach Substitute

Spinach is one of the best green vegetables than kale it comes with great nutritional values like vitamins and minerals. So, you can take the help of spinach and use it as a substitute for kale in all the recipes.

Spinach can also be consumed raw and cooked. Raw spinach is used in salads, pizza toppings, and baking recipes.

Cooked spinach can be substituted for cooked kale in the same ratio but the flavor of spinach is quite different from kale. Hence, use this spinach as a kale substitute and make your recipe at the correct time. You can replace one pound of kale with one lb of spinach. 

FAQs On Great Collection Of Kale Alternatives

Key Takeaways

Now, we are at the end of this guide which means you have gathered enough amount of information about substitutes for kale. We hope the shared data clarified all your queries regarding kale substitutes.

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Best Substitutes for Kale

By Dr. Steven Smith MS, RDN, CNSC

Here we have explained completely about kale substitutes with the substitution ratio. So, check out this ultimate guide on the best substitutes for kale and use them in all types of recipe.

Best Substitutes for Kale
Prep Time
05 minutes
Cook Time
15 minutes
Total Time
20 minutes


  • Romaine Lettuce
  • Tatsoi
  • Escarole
  • Baby Spinach


  • 1 Romaine Lettuce As a Kale Substitute
    • 1 Yes, Romaine Lettuce can be replaceable for kale. Use the same quantity for substitution but add extra seasonings for similar tastes in soups, salads, and sandwiches.
  • 2 To Replace Kale Use Tatsoi
    • 1 One of the ideal alternatives to kale in soup is Tatosi. Add the same amount of tatosi like kale in the dishes and enjoy your food.
  • 3 Replacing Kale with Escarole
    • 1 Escarole can be a good substitute for kale in terms of taste and texture. So, you can add this substitute in the same substitution ratio as 1:1.
  • 4 Substituting Baby Spinach For Kale
    • 1 Baby spinach can be replaced with kale in the same way and make use of the same seasoning for the exact flavor.