Can You Substitute Dark Brown Sugar for Light Brown Sugar? - Are They Interchangeable? - Light Vs Dark Brown Sugar

Can You Substitute Dark Brown Sugar for Light Brown Sugar?: Right from rich and top baked goods to average baked goods recipes call for brown sugar.

Refined brown sugar is a sugar that is mixed with a required amount of molasses. Brown sugar can be found in two colors ie., dark and light. Dark brown sugar is rich in color, taste, and texture than light brown.

But some recipes call for light brown sugar to get the end result perfectly. Sometimes you may miss buying light brown sugar. In such situations, you will be wondering how can you substitute dark brown sugar for light brown sugar in baking or in cooking recipes.

But have you ever google about the same or else like is it possible? or Are they both interchangeable? If yes, then this guide is the savior as it clears all your queries on replacing dark with light brown sugar.

Can You Substitute Dark Brown Sugar for Light Brown Sugar

Light Versus Dark Brown Sugar | What's the Difference Between Dark Brown Sugar and Light Brown Sugar?

The main difference between light and dark brown sugar is the molasses percentage. If the sugar contains 6.5% molasses then it's called dark brown sugar whereas light brown sugar includes molasses at 3.5% which is double.

Due to the high amount of molasses in sugar, the baked goods taste caramelly and darker color and slight moisture than light brown sugar.

So, using both brown sugars in a recipe works great but decide which color and texture you require at the end and then pick the needed brown sugar. For more info on whether can you substitute dark for light brown sugar and how much to replace, check the below modules.

Can You Substitute Dark Brown Sugar for Light Brown Sugar? | Can You Replace Light with Dark Brown Sugar?

Yes, you can substitute dark brown sugar for light brown sugar and vice versa as they are interchangeable but not exact alternatives.

If you substitute a light one in baked goods then it tastes normal but when you substitute dark for light then it tastes slightly a caramel/toffee flavor.

The more molasses in brown sugar means darker in color, rich and moist in texture. You can substitute easily in any baked goods if the changes in the end product don't matter to you. Related Posts:

How to Use Dark Brown Sugar Instead of Light Brown?

To use dark brown sugar in place of light brown sugar, take the same amounts of brown sugar and replace it easily. But the only change in the end product is a little moist and dark because the baking soda in baked goods reacts with the dark brown sugar.

If you substitute dark for light brown sugar then the sweet dishes like cakes or cookies will expand and moist a little more than the light brown sugar used in the recipe.

For a correct substitution to light brown sugar, you can even mix a packed 2/3 cup of dark brown sugar and 1/3 cup of white sugar then use it as an alternate for light brown sugar.

What Can I Use As A Molasses Substitute In Baking?

There are various options to go with in place of molasses in baking with white sugar and making brown sugar ingredients in the recipe. Things you require to substitute for molasses in baking recipes are as follows:

  • 3/4 cup brown sugar
  • 1 cup maple syrup
  • 1 cup brown rice syrup
  • 1 cup honey
  • 1 cup barley malt syrup
  • 1 cup dark corn syrup

FAQs on Can I Switch Light Brown Sugar with Light Brown Sugar In Recipes?

1. What can I use if I don't have light brown sugar?

You can use white sugar plus molasses, dark brown sugar, and other sweet substitutes if you don't have light brown sugar in your hands.

2. How much dark brown sugar equals light brown sugar?

To equal the light brown sugar in a recipe when you run out of light brown sugar, you need to take a packed 2/3 cup dark and 1/3 cup white for each cup of light brown sugar.

3. Does dark vs light brown sugar make a difference?

Yes, dark brown sugar baked goods and light brown sugar baked goods are slightly different in taste and texture. For more details on dark versus light brown sugar have a look at the above module.

4. Can I use dark brown sugar instead of light brown sugar in cookies?

Yes, you can use dark brown sugar instead of light brown sugar in cookies. Cookies made with dark brown sugar are darker in color with a rich caramelly flavor.

Key Takeaways

No matter How Can You Substitute Dark Brown Sugar for Light Brown Sugar? You want to understand that both are not exact substitutes but they can be interchangeable if you're okay with the end result.

Kindly refer to the other food alternatives like Can You Substitute White Sugar for Brown Sugar or What can you substitute for brown sugar, etc. from our website and replace brown sugar or white sugar easily with others.