Can You Substitute Evaporated Milk For Heavy Cream? - How To Replace Heavy Cream With Evaporated Milk?

Can You Substitute Evaporated Milk For Heavy Cream?: Heavy cream is the most commonly used ingredient by chefs at bakeries as it is used as whipping cream.

But it is very rich and high in calories and fat content so people who are on strict diet plans avoid baked goods and other recipes that include heavy cream.

This article is a savior for those people because we are going to help you with low-calorie and low-fat heavy cream substitutes that match the same taste and texture too. The name of that substitute is Evaporated Milk which can easily replace heavy cream in almost all the recipes.

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Wondering how can I use Evaporated Milk instead of Heavy Cream to thicken soups or savory recipes. Don't be, just dive into this guide to clear all your queries in less time.

Can You Substitute Evaporated Milk For Heavy Cream

Can You Substitute Evaporated Milk For Heavy Cream In Cooking & Baking?

Yes, you can definitely substitute evaporated milk for heavy cream in cooking and baking. As evaporated milk contains milk+fat content which is similar to heavy cream and also it is having thicker consistency like cream. So substituting Evaporated Milk For Heavy Cream can make you get the desired output of the recipe. You can replace cream with evaporated milk in equal quantities as instructed in the recipes implies 1 cup of heavy cream can be swapped with 1 cup of evaporated milk. For more knowledge on the substitute ratio jump into the next section. Other Related Guide on Heavy Cream Substitutes:

Process of Substituting Evaporated Milk for Heavy Cream in Recipes

The ideal substitution ratio for replacing heavy cream with evaporated milk is a 1:1 ratio means a one-to-one replacement for almost all recipes but there are some recipes that don't accept equal amounts of substitution. Sometimes the timing and proper way of replacing the food will give you the best results as the original recipe. So, read the below points and follow them carefully while swapping evaporated milk for cream in recipes.

  • When you are planning to make macaroni and cheese with evaporated milk instead of cream, the final product will be the same when you directly substitute an equal amount of milk as cream.
  • If you are cooking sauces or casseroles, there will be no more tweaks to make to your dish after swapping cream for evaporated milk. If you add cream to sauces it should cook at a simmer until it reduces and thickens but after substituting the evaporated milk, it gets thickened quickly because evaporated milk has gone through that process initially.

How to Use Evaporated Milk as a Substitute for Whipping Cream?

You may wonder is possible to substitute evaporated milk as a substitute for whipping cream. Yes, it is possible to substitute evaporated milk in places of real whipping cream and enjoy low-fat and calorie desserts. The process gonna be tricky but if you follow the instructions carefully then it will work very easily:

  • Firstly, freeze the required amount of evaporated milk to trap sufficient air for making a good foam. Let the milk sit in the freezer for at least 30 min before whipping.
  • Also, keep your beaters in the freezer to chill before use. By using the glass or porcelain mixing bowl, the coldness can retain for a long time and helps to whip it so well just like whipping cream.
  • After gathering all the required things start beating your frozen evaporated milk at the highest beater's speed for 60 seconds means 1 min or else till it begins to form a foam.
  • Slowly add vanilla essence and powdered sugar as per the instructions given in the recipe data. After that, beat the mixture for one or two minutes until it gets stiff.
  • Make the whipping cream with evaporated milk at the end of the recipe to avoid melting before serving it on desserts or baked goods.

If you want to hold the whipped topping for a long time then follow this tip.

  • Take a teaspoon of plain, unflavored gelatin into 2 tbsp of cold water and leave it for a minute or until the gelatin absorbs the water and blooms. After that, microwave the mixture to melt it properly like about 30 or 40 seconds. Once it's melted take out from the microwave and let it cool for another minute or two.
  • Once it begins to thicken, add it to the evaporated milk and start the beating process. Using gelatin with evaporated milk will maintain the texture of the whipping topping for 30 minutes in the fridge. At last, you can easily and slowly take out the whipped cream and decorate your desserts.

Are heavy cream and evaporated milk interchangeable?

Yes, heavy cream and evaporated milk are interchangeable because of their consistency. They look very similar and also richer in their own recipes. So swapping them will not give you much difference in texture. But some downsides of interchanging them would be flavor and whipping cream differences. The flavor of evaporated milk is unique caramelized tones which is quite opposite to heavy cream so you can find a bit of taste difference in recipes. Also, one more change you can face by interchanging both is the right form of whipped cream. Do Check: 

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