Can You Substitute Maple Syrup For Honey? - Best Way To Replace Honey With Maple Syrup

Can You Substitute Maple Syrup For Honey?: Does ever happen with you like running out of honey at the last minute to add to your favorite recipe? If yes, then this page will surely help you understand what you need to do and how to do it.

Maple syrup and honey are similar textured natural liquid sweeteners that can work interchangeably. Thus, the query can you use maple syrup for honey will be explained clearly & easily here.

Just look at the below sections and get the exact answers to your queries. You may also find the information on Can You Substitute Honey for Maple Syrup? on this page.

Can You Substitute Maple Syrup For Honey

Can You Substitute Maple Syrup For Honey In Baking, Cooking, and Beverages?

Yes, you can substitute maple syrup for honey which has the same kind of texture. Maple syrup has a low glycemic index and it is a vegan substitute so vegan foodies can opt for this alternative instead of honey in most of the recipes.

You can even check the data on whether can you substitute honey for maple syrup from our site. Maple syrup comes with a unique marked maple flavor whereas honey has a neutral sweet taste. But both work almost the same so they can be used interchangeably.

If you are satisfied with substituting maple syrup for honey then check on the measurement data from the below section. Do Check: 

How To Use Maple Syrup Instead of Honey In A Recipe?

A simple swap of 1 to 1 is the best way to substitute maple syrup for honey in your favorite recipes like cooking or baked goods or desserts or beverages, etc. Pure maple syrup is the best substitute for honey but not for manufactured honey bottles.

Basically, honey is quite opposite of maple syrup in terms of the glycemic index because honey is higher than maple syrup. Both are natural sweeteners and maple syrup is vegan too so you can replace these sweeteners with any other sweeteners.

Honey’s glycemic index is 58, while maple syrup’s GI is 54. The calories in a cup of maple syrup are lower than honey (honey calories are 1,031 calories whereas maple syrup has 840 calories).

The standard swap of maple and honey syrup is a one-for-one replacement. For some recipes, a 50/50 mix of maple syrup and agave nectar might give the best results. Some Related Food Substitutes Articles: 

FAQs on Can I Substitute Maple Syrup for Honey In A Recipe?

Key Takeaways

It's the best choice to substitute maple syrup for honey in recipes as it looks similar and can easily mimic the honey in any type of solid or liquid food. Honey is the best ingredient for weight loss whereas maple syrup also helps in providing better health.

Use the maple syrup, in case you miss out on purchasing the honey for this month at the same amounts, which means 1:1 substitution.

Do check all other food substitutes along with Can You Substitute Maple Syrup For Honey from our website and attain knowledge.

Honey Substitutes Worth Trying

By Amber Kubala, MSPH, RDN

Can You Substitute Maple Syrup For Honey? - Best Way To Replace Honey With Maple Syrup

Honey Substitutes Worth Trying
Prep Time
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Cook Time
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Total Time
00 seconds
1 cup


  • 1 tablespoon ground flax seed


  • 1 Overall Best Option: Flax egg for muffins, cupcakes, cakes etc.
    • 1 To substitute egg white: Whip 2 tablespoons of aquafaba with vanilla extract for a couple of minutes until foamy