Can You Substitute Tomato Sauce For Tomato Paste? - How to Use Tomato Sauce Instead of Tomato Paste?

Can You Substitute Tomato Sauce For Tomato Paste?: People who love to eat pasta or pizza or meatloaf or beef stews or chili mostly should hold the tomato paste in their kitchen pantry.

If not, then make sure to be ready with a tomato paste substitute like tomato sauce or puree. You may get a query like Can I use Tomato Sauce For Tomato Paste?

The solution to this query is explained clearly in this guide as it is the most commonly asked question by everyone who doesn't have tomato paste handy. Let's dive into this article and collect the data that you're looking for.

Can You Substitute Tomato Sauce For Tomato Paste

Can You Use Tomato Sauce Instead of Tomato Paste In a Recipe?

Yes, you can absolutely use tomato sauce instead of tomato paste in any recipe. The dishes you can try replacing paste with sauce are salsa, soup, chili, meatloaf, stews, fries, pizzas, pasta, etc.

Tomato sauce or puree does not have a thick-based texture like tomato paste but it can act as the best substitute for tomato paste. If you use a huge amount of sauce for paste then you can get the same deep and savory flavor from the recipe.

For more details on substitution in the recipe do check the below module and collect the required data on the substitution ratio of Tomato Sauce for Tomato Paste in no time.

How to Substitute Tomato Sauce or Puree for Tomato Paste?

Now you know that substituting Tomato Sauce or Puree for Tomato Paste and vice versa is possible but it's not enough to cook a recipe with replacement. All you have to know is how much you need to substitute the tomato sauce for paste in the recipe.

For that, you have to continue your reading and find the exact solution. The replacement of Tomato Sauce or Puree for Tomato Paste can't be done in a 1:1 ratio due to the less concentration in the sauce than past.

So, for one tsp of tomato paste, you need to add 3 tsps of tomato sauce and cook well until it thickens the food. With this swap, you can completely avoid visiting the store to buy the tomato paste for the recipe at the last moment. Also, Refer To The Related Posts:

FAQs on Can you replace Tomato Paste with Tomato Sauce or Puree?

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