Can You Substitute Whole Wheat Flour For All Purpose Flour In A Recipe? - How To Replace It?

Can You Substitute Whole Wheat Flour For All Purpose Flour?: If you are conscious about nutrition and diet then using whole wheat flour in cooking and baking is the healthy option.

As it gives whole grain nutrients and keeps your body in good condition. Have you ever wondered about the possibility of replacing all purpose flour with whole wheat flour? If yes, then this article is the right one to provide you with the answer to your query.

From this guide, you will exactly come to know about Can You Use Whole Wheat Flour Instead of All Purpose Flour, how to substitute properly, and what are their nutrition facts.

Can You Substitute Whole Wheat Flour For All Purpose Flour

Can You Replace All Purpose Flour With Whole Wheat Flour?

Yes absolutely you can replace All Purpose Flour With Whole Wheat Flour in all recipes but using it in a proper way gives better and exact results. For amazing results, all you have to follow is stick to the recipe instruction and perform the replacement perfectly.

As we all know that whole wheat flour is the best substitution for white flour or regular flour as it contains more protein, fiber, and carbs. Enjoy your favorite baked goods with good nutrients by swapping all-purpose with whole wheat flour.

To know more about the replacement and substitution ratio scroll down the mouse and read out the next module clearly. If you don't have wheat flour handy then try out the other substitutes for all-purpose flour by referring to our related guides as follows:

How To Substitute Whole Wheat Flour For All Purpose Flour?

Substituting Whole Wheat Flour For All Purpose Flour is quite simple but remembering the quantities is the trickiest part while replacing. So everyone is requested to follow this section clearly and easily substitute whole wheat flour in place of all-purpose flour in recipes.

You can replace wheat flour in two ways by combining it with other flour types or else by adding more liquid ie., water. Now let's talk about the replacement of wheat flour with all-purpose flour, simply add equal parts of whole-wheat and other flour, ideally all-purpose, or pastry flour to prevent denser foods.

To replace all-purpose or white flour with only whole wheat flour in recipes, then adding 7/8 cups of whole wheat for one cup of white flour is the proper substitution measurement in baking.

In any type of substituting whole wheat flour for white flour in cooking or baking, the 1:1 substitution doesn't work great so make sure to follow the instructions carefully while swapping. Also Check:

Whole Wheat Flour vs All-Purpose Flour - Nutrition Facts

Whole wheat flour is a whole grain flour that has more nutrients than all-purpose or white flour as it includes more gluten content than wheat one. If you want to see the comparison of both flours then look at the simple cup-by-cup comparison below.

Nutrients Whole Wheat Flour All-Purpose Flour
Protein 16 gms 12 gms
fat 2 gms 0 gms
fiber 12 gms 4 gms
carbohydrate 84 gms 92 gms

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FAQs on How can I use whole wheat flour instead of all-purpose flour in recipes?

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