Can You Substitute Sour Cream For Yogurt In Recipes? - How To Switch Yogurt To Sour Cream?

Can You Substitute Sour Cream For Yogurt?: Don't have enough amount of yogurt to add to the baking or cooking recipe? Don't get worried or rush to the store to buy the new carton of yogurt.

There are so many yogurt substitutes you can try in your recipe. One of the best substitutes is sour cream now you may raise a question like can you substitute sour cream for yogurt?

Want to know the answer to it then check this guide till the end and finish your recipe with the same result.

You can even use yogurt if you don't have sour cream in your pantry or fridge, do check this guide ie., Can You Substitute Yogurt for Sour Cream, and collect more about it.

Can You Substitute Sour Cream For Yogurt

Can You Substitute Sour Cream For Yogurt In A Recipe?

Yes, you can absolutely substitute sour cream for yogurt in baking or cooking recipes because both dairy products can be used interchangeably.

As they are fermented dairy products so they taste quite similar to tangy but the texture would be different. Sour cream is thicker & creamier than yogurt. But if your recipe calls for greek yogurt then sour cream is the perfect replacement.

If you use plain yogurt then the final food will be light creamier and thinner in texture. In such recipes, sour cream is not the perfect substitute but you can even add it by diluting it with some water.

Overall, sour cream provides the same tanginess and texture when swapped with yogurt in recipes. Want to know what is the correct substitution ratio to replace yogurt with sour cream? Check the below module.

How To Replace Yogurt With Sour Cream When Baking & Cooking?

To replace 1 cup of yogurt with sour cream in recipes, use 1 cup of sour cream and get similar results when you are substituting for cold recipes like dips, toppings, etc.

The substitution ratio for swapping both dairy products is 1:1 ratio. In case, you want to substitute sour cream for yogurt in high-heat recipes like boiling or frying then it may change the texture and ruins everything.

So remember to swap sour cream with greek yogurt using recipes or else with plain yogurt in cold dishes. Related Food Substitute Articles: 

Yogurt Vs. Sour Cream | Comparison Between Yogurt And Sour Cream

The difference between each other can be known easily by comparing yogurt and sour cream. Hence, we have tabulated the comparison between yogurt & sour cream below for your reference and to understand what can be substituted in recipes.

  Yogurt Sour Cream
Discovery Location and Time In Mesopotamia in 5000 BC In Russia before the 1600s
Made From Fermented milk Fermented milk and dairy cream
Bacteria Used Lactobacillus bulgaricus, Lactobacillus helveticus, Lactobacillus lactis, and Streptococcus thermophilus Streptococcus cremoris, Streptococcus diacetilactis,  Streptococcus lactis, Leuconostoc citrovorum, and Leuconostoc dextranicum
Re-pasteurization Not Mandatory Mandatory
Uses It can be used in recipes & beverages or as a dip for roti or snacks Mainly, it works well to bake cookies cakes, etc. Also, utilized as a condiment, dip, topping, spread, soup, etc.
Taste and Texture Taste sour and bland but tangier than sour cream; Texture Thinner and softer than sour cream Taste: Tangy, rich, and tart; Texture Creamier and thicker due to high-fat level
Storage Yogurt stays fresh in the fridge for 1-2 weeks approx and in the freezer it lasts up to two months Sour cream can last in the fridge for up to 3 weeks; not recommended to freeze it
Nutrient Levels Lower fat content compared to sour cream (around 10 to 12%); Lower in calories (only 61 calories); Higher in protein, potassium, carbohydrate, and sugar; Less cholesterol, making yogurt healthier than sour cream Very high in fat (around 20%); Higher in calories (193 calories); Also higher in calcium, sodium, vitamin D3
Heat Reaction Yogurt is not okay with high heat as it can easily turn into curd It can work great in high heat because of High-fat levels in sour cream

FAQs on Can I Use Sour Cream Instead Of Yogurt?

1. What are the types of yogurt you can try to substitute?

You can find different types of yogurt with various features. Here we have listed some major yogurt types over the world:

2. Why use sour cream instead of yogurt?

In case you run out of yogurt you can use sour cream instead of yogurt as it seems similar in taste but different in texture. Both include good vitamins and mineral sources that boost your health.

3. Which is better yogurt or sour cream?

If you think overall then yogurt is better than sour cream as it is low in fat and calories but higher in protein. So from both dairy products yogurt is a great ingredient to be used in the recipes.

4. Can I use sour cream instead of yogurt in curry?

Yes, you can use sour cream instead of yogurt in the curry because it offers the best flavor and texture to your recipes like yogurt. Don't fret about curdling or separating when you use sour cream in high heat or boiling recipes, as it holds good fat content and does wonder in your recipes. So grab a dollop of sour cream from the can and use it as a substitute for yogurt.

Final Thoughts

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